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  • May 27, 2017
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Makes Children Over Sensitive, Hot Tempered, And A Whinner
Do you spend too much time on your smartphone during mealtime, playtime and routine activities or conversations with your kids?
If so, it may lead to behavioral issues in your children, warned researchers. A study suggests that even low or seemingly normal amounts of technology-related interruption were associated with greater child behavior problems, such as over-sensitivity, hot temper, hyperactivity, and whining.


Brandon T McDaniel, assistant professor at Illinois State University in the US and lead author of the study, said when parents use mobile phones, their responsiveness to their kids changes and the device use causes less-than-ideal interactions with their children.

“It’s really difficult to toggle attention between all of the important and attention-grabbing information contained in these devices, with social and emotional information from our children, and process them both effectively at the same time,“ added Jenny Radesky, child behavior expert. The team had surveyed mothers and fathers from 170 two parents households.


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