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  • May 10, 2017

Theme: Dr. Rapper
Model: Taranvir Singh
Fashion Editor: Anish Gopal
Wardrobe: GeNxt Bespoke tailoring by Gagan Chandhok
Associated Wardrobe Partner: Woodland
Photography: Manveet Singh
Turban Stylist: Manbir Singh

Rap is a form of music that has been in existence internationally since the early 1940s and a primary ingredient of hip hop music that we saw from the late 60s. The mid 1980s to the 2000s were the golden era of rap and hip-hop culture where we saw many artists with their various forms and expressions presented through rap. For instance the way rap and hip-hop articulates and expresses feelings, complicated and difficult feelings that you cant explain literally. The artist’s talk about their lives, their experiences, which can be brutal but often under covered with a dark humor. There have been countless instances where works of many artists has become a cult with large fan following.

With respect to the Indian context Bhangra has been mixed with rap and hip hop numerous times from the golden era of Baba Sehgal to Bally Sagoo and Punjabi MC. From the beginning itself this fusion has not only given, music a different touch but also fashion.

Considering that music has been always been an inspiration and an excuse to dance in the Punjabi culture with a ton of musician and Rap artists with fans we felt it deserves a special entry. The theme Dr. Rapper depicts style statement of a music lover in all his glory. The outfit is so casual yet has its class, carries bright colors yet understated and has the attitude of a rock star in a neat chic look.

From club to street wherever this music lover goes can carry this outfit pretty well.

So there goes a Hip Hop Rapper from Sikh Vogues Fashion Factory!

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