Two US states designate April as Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month || Sikh Vogue ||

AMRITSAR: After celebrating Turban Awareness Day in UK’s Parliament, the states of New Jersey and Delaware have passed resolutions to celebrate every April as Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month.
“It is highly appreciable and we thank the US administration, the New Jersey state administration, the US Sikh Congressional Caucus Committee, East Coast Coordination Committee and others for joining hands to make this happen”, said Pritpal Singh, coordinator American Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (AGPC) while talking to TOI on Wednesday

On March 26th the New Jersey State Senate and Assembly passed a joint resolution designating April of every year as “Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month.” Reportedly on March 28th, Delaware Governor John Carney had declared April as ‘Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month’ during which the public would be educated about Sikhism.

Notably, New Jersey has over twelve Gurdwaras and a population of over one lakh American Sikh’s. First Sikh Mayor and Sikh Attorney General Ravi Singh Bhalla and Gurbir Singh Grewal were elected from New Jersey.

He informed that the New Jersey state assembly resolved that the state was enriched by the diversity of its residents and there was a cultivated climate of social tolerance and intellectualism and Sikh community, which originated in Punjab, India, immigrated into the US 100 years ago and played an important role in developing of the US.

Stating that Sikhism was the world’s fifth largest religion with nearly seven lakh Sikhs residing in America, a US-based Sikh intellectual and community leader JS Hothi said, “This will help to boost the image of the Sikhs as a separate community which believes in peace and should not be mistaken. We are extremely thankful to New Jersey for showing immense faith and memorializing contributions of Sikhs in the development.”

He said the festival of Baisakhi, an annual festival that is held on April 14th to celebrate the creation of the Khalsa Panth, had also been dedicated to “Sikh Awareness and Appreciation Month”.

He said the move would promote public awareness of the Sikh faith, recognizing important contributions of the Sikh community to the US.

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