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‘Turbanators the pedalers’ is a progressive cycling group based out of Delhi, formally created on the Vaisakhi Day of 2016 and has been blessed ever since with support from all over.

‘Turbanators the pedalers’ is neither a religious nor a political group.

Turbanators are driven by the spirit of sportsmanship, humanity, patriotism, cultural pride, road safety and environment conservation. Turbanators have a weekly curriculum of riding to various places in and around Delhi (50-100 kms) and are joined by like-mined riders from all communities across Delhi NCR region. Turbanators have successfully completed 3 cross country rides (Delhi to Amritsar – twice, Delhi to Sri Anandpur Sahib) to raise funds for humanitarian causes with different NGOs.




No commercial benefits/ profits are generated during any of our events.

Now, the most important question – Why Turbanators?

Historically, the cycling crash helmet rule was, Quote: ‘Crash helmet is essential. Turban with proper fold is permitted in place of crash helmet’

Unquote: but due to reasons unknown, the above rule faded away to the point of being extinct from the ‘rule books’. The relevant authorities failed to safeguard the constitutional rights of Turbaned sportsperson.

In the year 2015, a Turbaned Sikh cyclist – Jagdeep Singh Puri was disqualified ‘before the beginning of’ a cycling event (Brevet-220km) by the organisers quoting Brevet rules because he refused to sport a helmet instead of his turban. All efforts to convince the organizers before and months later after the event, went in vain after which Jagdeep was left with no choice but to take it up the legal way by filing a PIL with the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to pave the way for existing and upcoming Turbaned sportsperson.

‘Turbanators the pedalers’ is neither a party nor have any obligation in this legal battle.




Turbanators are not against helmets or safety gears. Sikhs, as citizens of India, expect that helmet is not mandated upon those who wish to exercise their Constitutional Right to Religion while participating in sports, just as Indian Motor Vehicle Act where Turbaned Sikhs are exempted from wearing helmet while driving motorized two wheelers.

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