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for inviting in your Art Gallery. Tell us about you and your work?


Art calms me, heals me & makes me feel positive! Art is my life and nothing will change. As an artist, it has taught me about patience because I do intricate work and it teaches me about patience.


The colors teach Me to be positive, bright and cheerful!

Ever since I’ve been a kid, I’ve been inspired by fashion as well & so I decided to be an influencer someday for modest clothes and brands that have modest couture.


I love how fashion and art go together and I love mixing it. while mixing it which creates beautiful shapes and patterns.. also, nature plays a huge role in inspiring me to create art.. everything around me inspires me in some of the other ways…

I work as a freelancer and take up commissioned artworks, sell my canvas’s and aspiring to become a blogger too.

I pursued fashion but I got stuck with arts since it’s my passion and hence decided to go forward with arts and later to start something in the fashion world!

IMG_1382 IMG_2054

I do art on everything, be it a piece of paper, a guitar, a bag, shoes, basically everything!

I love doing mix medium arts and hence I always try combining everything in my art, I never throw scrap, I always use broken glasses, broken accessories, sticking leaves, use pens, pencils and that’s how I make an art piece!

Some of the brands that have inspired me are Chumbak, Accessorize, The Taxi Fabric and I would love to work or collaborate with them someday!


I would like to be known someday as an influencer for fashion and art and someone who mixes them.

This is how my life revolves around art.

I’m also a very career oriented person.




  • Volunteered for wall art at Pune railway station, Swargate bus station.
  • Coordinator and volunteered in PUNE BIENNALE 2017- 2018
  • Exhibited artworks/ paintings in Conrad
  • Exhibited artworks/ paintings in  Gyan Adabv

Born in Saudi, Brought up in Abu Dhabi & Current City Pune.

Instagram: #thewanderlustpunekar






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