Sikh Bravehearts Put Their Lives On The Line To Save Kashmir Mosque’s Holy Books | Sikh Vogue

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  • Jul 25, 2017

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The video shows men from the Sikh community risking their lives to save holy items from a mosque in Kashmir.
As you can see in the video, water is gushing in great force on one side, near the religious place in Tral; making the place susceptible to the risk of losing the life.

Yet men wearing turban work along with the women of the Muslim community to help save their sacred items. They can be seen evacuating books along with many other things.
This is certainly not the first time that men from the Sikh community have gone above and beyond their call of duty to help distraught people stuck in misery.

Remember when a bunch of Sikh men came in as welcome respite for people sweating it out in long queues to lay their hands on new notes after the government’s sudden demonetization move or when this 58-year-old Sikh man fought a burglar with his slippers – they’ve proved the power of secularism all along.

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The same day, Muslim men in south Kashmir rescued an elderly Sikh man from the flash flood.

The man was stranded in the middle of the stream when the water level rose due to a burst of clouds in upper reaches. The man began asking for help and Muslim boy nearby announced it on the loudspeaker. A large number of Muslim men came forward to rescue him and soon he was taken out from the spouting water.

Both the communities are living with peace and harmony in an area touted to be one of the most troubled and distressed.

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