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We know just how tough it is to acquire the oh-so-elusive flawless skin! It requires excessive rubbing of potions and lotions, a carefully crafted beauty regime and not to mention regular visits to the shrine of medically induced good skin aka your dermat. But what if we told you that there are simpler ways to achieve flawless beauty? It’s true! 

The Pillow Trick

The Problem: Turns out that your sleeping pattern might be the number one cause of premature wrinkles. Unbelievable right! Sleeping on one side of the face or your chest can cause the delicate skin on your chin and d?colletage to age faster.

The Solution: The trick is to try sleeping on your back. It’s a toughie but investing in a memory foam pillow that can cradle your head and neck can help or you can even try placing a pillow under your knees to coax your body to sleep facing upward.


Towel Troubles

The Problem: This unassuming bathroom accessory can be rather dangerous. Surprised? Most of us assume that vigorously rubbing yourself dry with a towel is the fastest way to clear off any water or persistent suds. But turns out that can cause your skin to dry faster, chafe and loosen up.

The Solution: Rather than rubbing yourself dry, pat your skin dry. This allows it to lock some moisture in, and prevent premature ageing.


The Scrub Down

The Problem: Exfoliation is that quick-fix to clear skin, but did you know that over-scrubbing can actually do more damage than good? It peels off your top layer, can cause scarring and even loosens up your skin.

The Solution: Reserve scrubs down for special occasions or maybe just weekly sessions. And rather than rubbing it into your skin, use gentle circular motions to delicately massage it in.


The Greasy Grouch

The Problem: A greasy scalp is one of the biggest causes of breakouts. The grease on your hairline heads for your skin and clogs your pores causing blackheads, breakouts and eruptions.

The Solution: Keep your hair clean and style it away from your face. Also regularly wash your face to take off any excess grease and dirt.


Take it Off

The Problem: After a hard night of partying the last thing you probably want to do is spend time taking off your makeup. You may think that a cleanser might work just as well as a make-up remover, but the truth is that it doesn’t. it only washes off the visible makeup, while there is an invisible layer that clogs your pores and prevents your skin from breathing.

The Solution: Never ever go to bed with make-up. Use a facial makeup remover to wipe your face clean and use a separate eye makeup remover to clean your eyes. The area around your eyes is very delicate, so ensure that you lightly wipe it off rather than rubbing or pressing too hard.

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