Muslim Groom Wears Turban To Thank Sikhs Who Spread Peace Amid Delhi Riots.

Muslim Man Wear Turban on His Marriage

A few days ago Amnesty International released a video that showed Muslim and Sikh men exchanging their headdresses to make an important point: Clothing is a part of a person’s religious beliefs, not their complete identity.

In light of that wonderful gesture, a Muslim man named Abdul Hakeem, sported a turban on his wedding day.The wedding that took place in Gidderbaha, Punjab, saw Abdul’s friends wearing turbans as well.


Abdul’s father-in-law Saleem Khan told The Tribune: “My son-in-law has given a message of communal harmony. A true Muslim is identified not only by his cap, but also by his honesty. In the same vein, a true Sikh’s identity is not only his turban, but also his Gursikhi.”


He said his son-in-law won the hearts of everyone present at the wedding. “People are still congratulating me, as it was one-of-a-kind gesture. Abdul had told us in advance that he would sport a turban in the honour of Sikhs who rescued Muslims in Delhi, and give the message of communal harmony. We were happy with his decision.”

A Gidderbaha resident said, “The bond among people from all communities should remain intact. We must confront them by setting an example of communal harmony, as Abdul has done.”

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