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The accompanying video clearly shows how efficient and powerful a Mitsubishi Montero is when put to the task of ploughing a field. Priced at over INR 60 lakhs, this new Montero has shown efficiency in leveling the field, a job that would otherwise have been done by a tractor.

The video was sent to us by a friend of the farmer. The video was shot by one of the farmer’s friends. The farmer in the video also owns a Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Fortuner, decided to go farming but as it was too hot, he decided to use his Montero, instead of the tractor. This way he could plough the field in the comfort of his plush SUV. Watch the video below.

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The Mitsubishi Montero is powered by a 3.2 liter turbocharged diesel engine. It gets all wheel control with 4 wheel traction control and 4 wheel slip control along with Super Select 4WD. The engine offers 196 PS peak power at 3,800 rpm and 441 Nm torque at 2,000 rpm mated to a 5 speed automatic transmission system sending power to all four wheels. Mileage stands at around 11.56 kmpl on an average while in city conditions offers around 10 kmpl. Not sure how much efficiency it delivers on the farm land while ploughing.

Built on a ladder frame, the Montero abounds in safety feature such as EBD, ABS, Active Stability, hydraulic brake assist and a total of 6 airbags – two in front, two on the sides and two curtain airbags. Interiors are seen with luxurious leather upholstery, 60:40 foldable second row seating and completely foldable third row seats adding to added and at the same time versatile interior space. Driver and co passenger seats are 8 way adjustable.


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