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Irresistible Breakfast Bowl- Matcha Yogurt

Breakfast is the most important Kick meal of the day. In addition to getting your metabolism started, breakfast is the foundation which you build your day upon. Coincidentally, breakfast tends to be the meal adults skip the most. Which really is a bummer, considering that taking those extra minutes in the morning to make breakfast can turn your entire day around luckily. I’m going to teach you how to make a matcha breakfast bowl.

Yogurt helps and supports your digestive health, While Matcha green tea powder pumps up your system full of antioxidants and other goodies that amp up your immune system. The natural caffeine in it helps to kick start the energy in your body. The L-Theanine present in it reduces the physical and mental stress too. Which means now you’re feeling better, thinking better, AND even eating better.

Matcha full morning breakfast bowl

prep time- 5 mins Total time: 5 mins


Plain or Vanilla yogurt of your choice


Epic Match green Tea powder

Granola of your choice


Mix yogurt, honey, and epic Match green tea powder in a bowl. Sprinkle with granola until desired texture is attained.

Yield 1 Matcha Breakfast Bowl. Try adding fresh fruit or walnuts to your Matcha Bowl to pack an even bigger punch into your matcha full morning.

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