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Theme: Canadian Army
Model: Kirt Shergill
Fashion Stylist: Anish Gopal
Photography: Manveet Singh
Wardrobe: Renvoyer
Footgear: Woodland
Accessories: Stride
Turban Stylist: Manbir Singh

Sikhs have been living in Canada from the very end of 1800s. It is not very widely known that the Sikhs had fought for Canada since the First World War even though the group was of a modest 10 people. Born fighters, Sikhs have been associated with Canadian army since then till today when we have a Sikh in command of one of the Canadian regiment.

Millitary uniforms have another charm. Wearer commands a power just with a pressed and dressed Uniform. With this theme we are bringing you a ceremonial uniform with respect to the Canadian military saluting our Sikh soldiers in Canada. Ceremonial is not your regular uniform but a more decorated uniforms to be worn on special military occasions. There is more ornamentation on each garment item with usage of rich laces and other detailing. We have teamed up a decorated jacket with a black polo pants for the basic look and taken on with different types of detailing including laces belts medals etc. The look has a sophisticated substance and makes the dresser good looking and confidant. This looks is dedicated to every single Sikh soldier and a remembrance of their bravery and sacrifices.

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