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Prosthetic makeup isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Nowadays, this makeup technique is replacing art for digitally enhanced special effects in films and shows. Being in its nascence, only a few are experts in prosthetic makeup. While Bollywoodflaunts a few prosthetic makeup artists, our Punjabi industry too has one, Baldev Verma. Popularly called Tom, he has introduced prosthetic makeup in the tricity and Punjab region in one of the first attempts. Tom’s journey started in the film industry back in 2014 with one of the most controversial film, Nanak Shah Fakir when he was part of the production team. “During that time, I decided to try my hand as a makeup artist. I was actually attracted towards the makeup department and the equipment. It just inspired me because from the childhood I had an interest in art, so I thought, why not! I never thought it would make me a makeup artist.”

So, how was he inclined towards prosthetic makeup? Tom says, “I always wanted to do my best as a makeup artist. Then, it struck me that why not do something different, other than normal beauty makeup. I watch a lot of Hollywood movies and try to learn from their makeup techniques. Their transformation makeup, the blood makeup, the fake body parts, these things provide a realistic touch to the films. So, I had this idea that I should give something different to the makeup industry and started prosthetic makeup in 2017.”


With a wide search on the internet, Tom says he became self-learnt and “studied in detail the art of prosthetic makeup.” He adds, “Then, I did prosthetic art in two-three regional films and had the chance to assist Balakrishna sir in Mumbai. He’s a big name as a prosthetic artist in Mumbai. I did a movie with him and he really appreciated my work. It moved me into doing something great as a beauty artist.”



Besides feature films, he has done quite a few short films and Punjabi songs where there was a need of prosthetic art. “Two short films on the crime of rape were made, where I applied the blood makeup which looked quite realistic,” he says. Now, Tom is doing a film under a big banner, which is yet to be named. “I have also done job under a leading international makeup company where I learnt a lot about makeup. I’m also bringing something new to the Punjabi industry. It’s going to be robotic transformation makeup, that will in my opinion enhance the quality of Punjabi makeup industry.”

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