BLACK PRINCE: Maharaja Dalip Singh | Sikh Vogue

Model: Pavneet Singh
Wardrobe & Accessories: Party House, A designer studio
Footgear: Stride
Location: Sanadige, Malcha Marg
Fashion Editor: Anish Gopal
Photographer: Manveet Singh
Turban Stylist: Manbir Singh
Make-Up Artist: Gurmeet Kaur

Maharaja Dalip Singh – The Black Prince

With this theme, we try to get back in time and experience the life of Maharaja Dalip Singh – The Black Prince.

The youngest son of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh and Maharani Jind Kaur, born on 6th September 1838 Maharaja Dalip Singh came into power as Maharaja of the Sikh Empire at the delicate age of 5.

His father was killed a year after his birth and Maharaja Dalip Singh and his mother were living in Jammu under protection. After the second Anglo-Sikh war Britishers separated him from his Mother at the tender age of 10 and exhaled him to Britain where his guardians converted him to Christianity.

While spending time in London and Europe he had been lodged to different locations. He was invited by the queen to stay with the royal family. It is said that the queen herself used to admire Maharaja Dalip Singh and captured images of him playing with her children. It’s also said that the queen herself gave the name Black Prince to him. Growing up he expressed his desire to go back to India and many times tried to contact his mother. At the age of 18, he was finally able to contact his Mother when Britishers felt that Maharani Jind Kaur was no longer a threat.

His mother told him everything about his Empire and his Sikh Heritage. His eagerness marked the starting of reconversion to the Sikh culture and recaptures his kingdom over his lifetime. In 1863 Maharaja Dalip Singh’s Mother died and while coming back from immersing his mother’s ashes he met His Wife Maharani Bamba Muller – a Christian. Maharaja Dalip Singh and Bamba had 6 Children. On 22 nd October 1893 Maharaja Dalip Singh died in Paris.

The look we present to you is from the days he spent his time in England. Being an opulent prince and exposure to various cities he is believed to have very rich outfits and heavily ornamented jewelry and accessories. His fashion although having westerner’s style also had cues from his Indian culture. We have used rich garments and silhouettes with tasteful and subtle jewelry usage. The turban style has been also inspired from the era but modernized to today’s time.

Bamba being the wife of a Maharaja had a royal life and the outfits as royal and elegant as it should be. Considering the Christian element we have given her a lace gown. Jewelry is matching to the gown and although elaborate it doesn’t look out of place. A small detail here to be mentioned will be the head of the lady always had to be covered even though for the sake of it with a fabric or a cloth ornamentation according to keep in the loop of Sikh cultures.

So here we present you Maharani Bamba and Maharaja Dalip Singh – The Black Prince.

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