*Bhai Taru Singh—Feel The Divine* Film Review ||SIKH VOGUE||

Life’s lessons are a beautiful gift, but they don’t always come wrapped in
a shiny, red bow. Sometimes tragedy brings us wisdom. This is the main theme of the film ‘Bhai Taru Singh—Feel The Divine.’ The film is a story of ‘Bhai Taru Singh who sacrificed his life to save the dignity of the girl. 

This animated film is directed by Sukhwinder Singh. It throws light on
the life and teachings of  ‘Bhai Taru Singh. He lived (1721-1745) during
the most trying period for Sikhs. He was a true saint who loved and served
the needy without considering their caste, creed or religion. His saintly
demeanour earned him respect from people belonging to all communities.
Hindus and Muslims of all surrounding villages of Poohla, respected and
praised him. 

‘Bhai Taru Singh was a fearless soul, he saved a poor Muslim girl from the
clutches of the evil Mughal official of his area without caring for his
life. For this act of benevolence and kindness towards a girl in distress,
he was arrested and subjected to severe torture.

Bhai Taru Singh ji’s story is inspiring it imparts invaluable lesson of
devotion towards human beings and righteousness. The film is worth
cherishing. It teaches us lesson of sacrifice and is a guide to live
unapologetically, without limits.

Sukhwinder Singh, CEO Vismaad who is also the Writer and Director of the
movie said: “the mission at Vismaad is to present rich history through
Animation and other new age digital mediums which excite all age groups.” 

This film beautifully promotes values of Sikhism and its teachings. This
film is worth watching with family and friends. 

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