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Periods are not particularly fun. We mean how can the whole idea of your hoo-ha getting marinated in your own blood be fun? And if you are one of those unlucky women who experience painful periods, then god save you because those few days of the month can be downright helish.

While they seem pretty simple according to biology, with your uterine lining shedding, it gets more complicated than that in reality. While there’s the PMS, the excruciating pain, and the usual discomfort, there are various other things that happen to your body during Aunt Flo’s monthly visit.

If you thought the Red Wedding in your pants was the only thing that happens to you when you’re on your period, you are wrong.

Here are five ridiculous miracles your body conjures up when you are menstruating.

You Become Dumber
Yes, we are not kidding. A 2014 study in the UK found that menstrual cramps actually affects the cognitive functions of the brain.

The research, which was conducted on 52 women, found that when the subjects were experiencing period pain, they performed less well on tests measuring their attention spans and ability to multitask.

And you thought all it could do was cause you pain. Uterus is evil, we tell you.

You’ll Have Sleepless Nights

If you have ever had sleepless nights when your uterus was trying to kill itself, let us tell you it’s perfectly normal.

During menstruation, your oestrogen and progesterone levels take a nose dive, which may lead to you getting hot flashes at night. And these hot flashes can wake you up.

Also, low level of progesterone in your body can give you sleepless nights, as it is a “soporific” hormone, meaning it has a mild sedative effect.

Your Menstrual Cycle Can Also Change Your Voice
No, it won’t give you a melodious voice like Lata Mageshkar, but your periods can change how you sound. In fact, a study by psychologists Nathan Pipitone and Gordon Gallup in 2011 found that the difference in the voice is so stark that even men can detect it. Good for them–at least they can detect something, right?

The researchers said that vocal changes women experience during menstruation are due to changes in their hormones. “Vocal production is closely tied to our biology. Cells from the larynx and vagina are very similar and show similar hormone receptors,” Pipitone said.

Periods Put You At  A Risk Of Bacterial Infection
The pH balance of your vajayjay increases when you are on your period. Although that discourages yeast from forming and decreases your likelihood of getting a yeast infection, it puts you at risk of bacterial infection instead.

The Way You Experience Pain Changes During Your Period

Various researches have shown that hormones may affect how one feels pain. A 2011 study found that period-related pain might affect how women experience pain in the rest of their lives.

The study found that women who experienced painful periods were more likely to have increased sensitivity to pain while not on their periods than women who didn’t.

Ladies, it’s okay. It happens to all of us. Just accept that your body and uterus has zero chill when you are on your period. Just make sure you have chocolates and your favourite series to help you during this tough time.

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